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MTN Mobile Money in Uganda

Make a swift, easy and safe transfer to MTN Mobile Money accounts within Uganda and the funds will be credited immediately.

  • A receiver should have a registered and active account
  • The sender requires their Mobile Money account number for the completion of the money transfer

However, if you or your receiver don’t have MTN mobile money account visit NORFA Forex Bureau for further information. We have all the possible options to help our clients with mobile money transfers. we will help you to send it through WorldRemit, into mobile money in uganda wallet. It includes over 50 countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more.

The best part is the money will be credited to your mobile money account immediately, also you and the sender will receive SMS notifications to confirm that the money is credited. Sending mobile money in Uganda is very easy and we make it easier if you want to send money internationally. The fastest way to send money within Uganda is MTN mobile money. We aim to make sure our clients will get almost every money transfer service with efficiency and security. 

MTN Mobile Money in Uganda is a Mobile Commerce service (money transfer with phone) that allows you to:

(1) Send and receive funds across networks

(2) Buy airtime for yourself or someone else (MTN customers)

(3) Make Payments using MTN money transfer in Uganda (utility bills, goods & services)

(4) Bank transactions (check bank balances, send money from your phone to your bank & from your bank to your phone or to another bank account.) 

(5) Make ATM cash withdrawal

Why MTN Mobile Money?

(1) Stable, safe & efficient system – a dependable quality network.

(2) A receipt for every transaction made – you are able to know who you are sending money to and from whom you have received the money.

(3) Secure with reversals made for free (if you send wrong amounts or to wrong numbers, the transaction can be reversed for free); if not receipted within 7 days, the cash is returned to sender.

(4) Simple to use and instant; and now accessible with a countrywide agent spread of over 47,000