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Who We are

Visit Norfrax Forex Bureau for the best money exchange and transfer services.

Mission & Values

Our mission and values are to grow by being transparent and honest towards our clients.

Our History

We have years of experience in the forex, and now we become a key part of our clients.

Nofrax Forex Bureau provide foreign currency exchange services

one of the leading Forex bureaus licensed by the Bank of Uganda. We have been in business for years as market leaders. We take care to look over all Foreign Currency Exchange in Uganda and currency notes making sure that we provide our patronage the best services and price for their money. We also work out the best forex rates in the region. 

To meet the daily requirements of clients who would like to receive and send money globally NOFRAX Forex Bureau now enables its customers with Xpress Money Transfer, MoneyGram, and Western Union services 24×7. 

We are also moved by the hardcore belief in transparency. At NOFRAX Forex Bureau, we offer nothing but the right knowledge of prices to our customers. Furthermore, we deal in all major currencies of the world to give our clients effortless and efficient services.  

Nofrax Forex Bureau offers money transfer services all over the world

From money exchange to national and international money transfer services we do everything at a real-time price. Furthermore, Norfrax Forex Bureau is very much accessible for visitors, tourists, and local people as we are located at International Airport, Kampala- Uganda. Moreover, from mobile money such as MTN to partner services such as world remit, money gram, western union, and many more to Agency Banking we have everything. 

We understand that because for multiple reasons people might require any service at any time. Norfrax makes sure to provide everything related to money services. Even though our agency banking service has specially designed to provide loans to our clients who find it difficult to get the loan in a traditional way. Our every service is simply a solution for all the complex and crucial money-related services like agent banking, money transfer, and most importantly currency exchange.

So in simple words, Norfrax Forex Bureau is one of the known online and offline outlet for foreign currency exchange and global remittance. Here we work with transparency into the money exchange market in Uganda. With our great tie-ups, one can buy or sell currency in Uganda or send money to other countries at any of our partner bank branches at the perfect rates. We have great and transparent foreign exchange rates in Uganda.


We Listen

We listen to what our clients want and need.


We understand and learn the best-suited service.

Find Solution

We help them understand and implement the service.


Our vision is to grow through a transparent relationship with our clients through the best, effective, and efficient services. We understand and appreciate our clients as well as our employees.  


At NOFRAX Forex Bureau, our mission is to serve an incredibly outstanding service to our patronage with commitment and 24×7 convenience.