Airtel Money

Airtel Money is a phone commerce service from Airtel that enables you to use the phone as an electronic wallet. Clients can load funds into their mobile which are then turned into electronic money. The e-Money can then be used 24×7. NORFA Forex Bureau is the Airtel Money agent, we provide all the Airtel money-related services. 

Mobile banking is a feature of Airtel Money that allows users to perform banking activities with their phones. Deposit funds from Airtel Money to Bank Airtel Money to Bank transaction request to deposit or transfer money from your phone wallet to your bank account anytime with ease using your phone. Bank statement Airtel Money enables you to look at your bank statement using your mobile phone anytime you want. Check balance with Airtel Money lets you look at your bank balance using your phone anytime. 

Airtel Money is so safe that even if you lose your phone, your transactions are secured by the greatest level of security and PIN. You can replace your SIM in any of Airtel’s shops. Your Airtel Money account will be instantly available to you after you complete the SIM replacement process. Remember as soon as you realize that your phone is lost immediately inform customer care on 100.