Money Grams in Uganda

In this world of everywhere tap-to-pay, automated bank deposits, and ATMs, there are still situations when it is important to hand over or gather actual cash.

Therefore money-transfer MoneyGram services are there in the cities, towns, and across the world. Norfrax Forex Bureau has a money-related service, you just name it and we have it.

Money-transfer services can be a lifesaver in some situations. Cash is still popular in many countries, even in developing nations many people do not have accounts in the banks. Furthermore, MoneyGram comes in the second-largest money sending provider in the world. It offers Money Grams in Uganda money transfers, bill payments, money orders, prepaid cards,  and mobile top-up to those who might not have an account in a bank or want to use some other mode.

Also, MoneyGram enables users to use various payment modes, according to the desired service, that includes credit, cash, debit card, or a bank account to complete the transfer process. Moreover, MoneyGram not only offers international money transfer but also in-person domestic as well as online, mobile recharge, and many more- making it a huge player in the world of digital money transfer. 

The people need to have a registered mobile number to receive real-time updates on their money transactions that have been taken out by the agents. We are one of the most profitable Forex bureaus in Uganda licensed by the Bank of Uganda. Norfrax Forex Bureau makes sure their clients get what is only the best and right!

Below are the requirements needed when sending and receiving MoneyGram

Sending MoneyGram

(i) Estimate the cost to transfer money.

(ii) Find a MoneyGram location near you, visit your local MoneyGram agent

(iii) Complete a simple money transfer form and finally, Contact the person receiving your money transfer.

Receiving MoneyGram

(i) Request the money transfer reference number.

(ii)Visit your nearest MoneyGram location.

(iii) Complete the received form